Current Standings of #2012HFP and Performance Order for Final Night 2

After 1 show of the #2012HFP FINALS, here are the standings…

1 Barret Goldsmith  11

2 Matthew Broussard  10.7042

3 Slade Ham  10.3820

4 Ryan Thauburn  10.1314

5 Mickey Housley  9.9524

6 Kristin Lindner  9.4870

7 Ken Boyd  8.6278

8 Owen Dunn  7.9834

There are 3 shows in the FINALS, the lowest score for each contestant is dropped.

FINAL 2 of the #2012HFP takes place Sunday June 17th at HCU at Baker St Pub Rice Village, 5510 Morningside, at 9pm and is FREE ADMISSION!!


1 Slade Ham

2 Ryan Thauburn

3 Matthew Broussard

4 Mickey Housley

5 Ken Boyd

6 Kristin Lindner

7 Barrett Goldsmith

8 Owen Dunn


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