Results of Final Night 1 (of 3) of The 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person Contest

The field has significantly narrowed, and the set lengths just jumped from 5 to 10 minutes. And as a result, things got REAL Thursday night at The Comedy Showcase.

The overall quality of the show was amazing, every contestant brought their A-game and it showed in the audience and on the judges scorecards. The average score from each judge was in the mid 30’s out of a max 45…it was 18 in the preliminaries.

This was our last night at The Comedy Showcase for #2012HFP, and it was a very pleasurable experience for everybody involved. I’d like to extend a special thanks to Danny Martinez & Laura Hiebeler who went out on a limb to bring HFP into the Showcase for the first time ever.

Honestly, without their support, especially after the sudden and untimely demise of Sherlock’s as HCU HQ, the 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person contest would not have happened. It has been great to see the Showcase full of Houston comics again…our apologies to the waitstaff & bartenders for being in the way!!

Competition makes everybody better, and it showed on stage in FINAL 1 of the #2012HFP

Reminder on the scoring for the Finals…there are 3 shows, in which all 8 finalists will perform. The 2 highest scores of the 3 nights for each contestant is their final score. At this point, even after 1 completed show, all 8 contestants can still win the title of Houston’s Funniest Person.

Jana Guest from took great pictures of the show.


(10 judges total, drop high/low, 8 scores count)

1. Barrett Goldsmith  11

time 10:27.6

gross total score 307

2. Matthew Broussard  10.7042

time 10:29.4

gross total score 299

3. Slade Ham  10.3820

time 10:04

gross total score 290

4. Ryan Thauburn  10.1314

time 9:59

gross total score 283

5. Mickey Housley  9.9524

time 9:40

gross total score 278

6. Kristin Lindner  9.4870

time 9:41

gross total score 265

7. Ken Boyd  8.6278

time 10:12

gross total score 241

8. Owen Dunn  7.9834

time 10:02

gross total score 223


Our judges tonight were…

Don Learned, owner of the Laff Spot & Laff Stop

Laura Hiebeler, GM of The Comedy Showcase

Laura Shaw, regular human being & law-abiding American

Craig Bischoff, former Whiskey Brother & current stay-at-home dad

Craig Price, motivational speaker & Houston’s Funniest Person winner in 1997

Brien Straw, co-host of In The Loop on Sports Radio 610

AJ Hoffman, co-host of The Blitz on ESPN 97.5

Jake Mazzu, owner of The Burger Guys

Jong Lee, producer extraordinaire & pepper spray victim at ESPN 97.5

Adrien Holden, THE GREATEST OF ALL PART-TIME!! play-by-play host on TSRN


Before the show, the 8 finalists voted on the second of two options for inverted show order in FINAL 2.


Sunday June 17th, HCU at Baker St Pub Rice Village, 5510 Morningside, 9pm show start, free admission

1 Slade Ham

2 Ryan Thauburn

3 Matthew Broussard

4 Mickey Housley

5 Ken Boyd

6 Kristin Lindner

7 Barrett Goldsmith

8 Owen Dunn


The order for Wednesday June 20th at House of Blues will be chosen after FINAL 2 ends. At that point the 8 finalists get to select their spots in order of highest 2-night scores.

Don’t forget to follow the HCU on twitter, @HouComedyUnion and to use the hashtag #2012HFP when talking about the contest.

Thanks for all your help so far!




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