Results of Final WILDCARD, Finalists of 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person Contest

Barrett Goldsmith beat Justin Thompson in regulation tonight to advance into the 8th spot of the Finals of the #2012HFP

Justin Thompson had a great run through the contest, and deserves a ton of recognition for, if nothing else, the HUNDREDS OF MILES he drove for all the nights as he performed throughout the contest.

In years past, Justin was ineligible to compete in the HFP, as he lives in Beaumont Texas. This year, he has performed and competed very admirably, representing those from the newly expanded Greater Houston Region who were able to compete this year, for the first time ever in the #2012HFP.

I was one of these guys myself, getting into Houston comedy from Victoria originally, and I’m proud of the hard work and heart Justin displayed in the #2012HFP.

Here are your 8 finalists of the 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person contest.

(listed in order of semi-final scores, all scores are 0 from here on out)

1. Slade Ham

2. Kristin Lindner

3. Ryan Thauburn

4. Ken Boyd

5. Mickey Housley

6. Owen Dunn

7. Matthew Broussard

8. Barrett Goldsmith


In the Finals, there are 3 shows, contestants are judged by their top 2 highest scores. They get to drop their lowest score of the 3 nights.

The shows are as follows…


Thursday June 14th at The Comedy Showcase, 11460 Fuqua St, $5 admission, starts at 8pm


Sunday June 17th at HCU at Baker St. Pub Rice Village, 5510 Morningside, free show, starts at 9pm


Grand Finale Wednesday June 20th at the House of Blues Crossroads Restaurant, 1204 Caroline in Downtown Houston, $10 admission, starts at 9pm

Each contestant gets up to 10:30:00 without penalty. There will be a one minute warning light that comes on at 9:00:00 (9 minutes) and stays on until 10:00:00 (10 minutes), at that point it flashes on and off until 10:30:00 (10 minutes and 30 seconds), at which point there will be a -5 point deduction from the gross total score for every 00:30:00 (30 seconds) after that until 12:00:00 (12 minutes), at which point the contestant is DQ’d from that night’s score of the HFP.


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