Results of Semi-Final Night 2 of 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person Contest

Semi 2 was a crazy night. Billy D Washington did a great job hosting & regulating the hell out of loud people at the end of the night. The scene was a bit hairy at Baker St. Pub, at one point the judges almost got in a fight with bar patrons, trying to get them to shut up. Sorry there are no official times listed but the time sheet got picked up and thrown away by waitstaff, there were no time penalties…

1. Slade Ham  11

gross total score 164

2. Kristin Lindner  10.1170

gross total score 151

3. Ken Boyd  9.6480

gross total score 144

4. Mickey Housley  8.9780

gross total score 134

5. Ryan Thauburn  8.8440

gross total score 132

6. Owen Dunn  8.7100

gross total score 130

7. Matthew Broussard  7.4370

gross total score 111

8. Mark Hurtado  6.7670

gross total score 101

9. Barrett Goldsmith  6.6330

gross total score 99

10. Joe Bates  6.0300

gross total score 90

11. Dianne Gallagher  5.7620

gross total score 86

12. Justin Thompson  5.6280

gross total score 84

13. Will Seagrim  5.5610

gross total score 83

14. Stephen Cook 4.6230

gross total score 69

15. GW Boles 0.0000

gross total score 00 (did not show up)


Sunday night’s judges were…

Fred Faour of ESPN 97.5’s The Blitz

Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle

Barry Stagg of

Ricky Craig of Hubcap Grill

OJ Green of the Houston Aeros

Steve “Impact” Canales from UH & SHRP


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