Results of Semi-Final 1 of the 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person Contest

Everybody fought the traffic and put on a solid show at The Comedy Showcase on Thursday night. Bob Biggerstaff did a great job hosting the contest and roasting everybody in sight. Thanks again to Danny Martinez & Laura Hiebeler for allowing us to compete on their stage.

Reminder, the semis are a 2 night competition. The scores next to the contestant’s name will be added to their scores from Sunday night’s semi 2 at HCU at Baker St Pub Rice Village. The top 7 will advance, then the 8th and 9th place will battle head-to-head for the last WILDCARD spot in the finals.

1 Slade Ham  11

time 5:03

gross total score 195

2 Ryan Thauburn  10.2084

time 4:51

gross total score 181

3 Barrett Goldsmith  9.9828

time 5:28.5

gross total score 177

4 Kristin Lindner  9.5316

time 4:29

gross total score 169

5 Justin Thompson  9.4752

time 5:18

gross total score 168

6 Matthew Broussard  9.3060

time 4:49

gross total score 165

7 Owen Dunn  9.0804

time 4:41

gross total score 161

8 Mickey Housley  8.9112

time 4:37

gross total score 158

9 Will Seagrim  8.6292

time 4:28

gross total score 153

10 Ken Boyd  8.4600

time 4:55

gross total score 150

11 Mark Hurtado  7.1628

time 4:58

gross total score 127

12 Stephen Cook  6.3168

time 4:37

gross total score 112

13 Joe Bates  6.2040

time 5:00

gross total score 110

14 Dianne Gallagher 6.1476

time 5:01

gross total score 109

15 GW Boles 5.4708

time 4:15

gross total score 97


Thursday night’s judges were…

Sean Pendergast of 1560 The Game & his lovely girlfriend Amy Zann

Nicky Servos, friend of comedy & owner of Beef N Bun BBQ

Greg Koch of Sports Radio 610 & the Green Bay Packers

Wayne Beta, entrepreneur & TV producer

Don Learned, Houston comic & owner of the Laff Spot & Laff Stop

Laura Hiebeler, GM of The Comedy Showcase.

Semi-Final night 2 is Sunday, June 10th at Baker St. Pub at 5510 Morningside in Rice Village. Show starts at 9pm, contestants be there by 830pm, FREE SHOW!!


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  1. […] is where the contestants  were going to compete in the first night of the semi-final round.  The results of the first night were in.  The 2nd night of the semi-final round was held at Baker St. Pub. […]

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