Results of #2012HFP Semi-Final WILDCARD at Fitzgerald’s

#2012HFP wild card was insane!! All 3 lower seeds pulled off upset wins!

Justin Thompson eliminated Judd Jones after 3 rounds of crowd voting and a joke-off.

Dianne Gallagher squeaked by Ryder Paramore after 3 crowd votes, some nudity & a joke off.

To end the night, Joe Bates eliminated Coleman Cox in regulation!

Everybody did a great job and the crowd loved it. Thanks to all the competitors for giving their best and making the night crazy fun.

In NO PARTICULAR ORDER, these are your #2012HFP semi-finalists…

(#2012HFP contestant numbers in parentheses)

Ken Boyd  (48)

Stephen Cook  (37)

GW Boles  (58)

Slade Ham  (61)

Owen Dunn  (33)

Wil Seagrim  (7)

Mickey Housley (22)

Kristin Lindner (31)

Matthew Broussard  (5)

Barrett Goldsmith  (50)

Mark Hurtado  (16)

Ryan Thauburn  (19)

Justin Thompson  (29)

Dianne Gallagher  (3)

Joe Bates  (4)

SEMIFINALS start TOMORROW NIGHT at The Comedy Showcase…show starts at 8!!



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