Results of Preliminary Night 4 of the 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person Contest

This was one of the craziest days in the short history of the Houston Comedy Union. Shortly after we did the drawing for prelim 4 show order and posted the results, we got the call that our HQ at Sherlock’s River Oaks had suddenly closed for business. With only a few hours to spare, we secured a new venue and temporary new HQ at Baker St. Pub at 5510 Morningside in the Rice Village. I’d like to personally thank all the contestants for adjusting to a new locale on the fly and for putting on an amazing show under less than ideal circumstances.

They say the show must go on, and luckily it came together and the HFP went on without delay.

Top 3, automatically advancing to semi-finals

1. Barrett Goldsmith  11

time 4:34

gross total score 139

2. Mark Hurtado  9.3373

time 5:10

gross total score 118

3. Ryan Thauburn  8.2295

time 4:38

gross total score 104

wild card qualifiers

4. Zac Brooks  6.6469

time 5:23

gross total score 84

5. Gerald Torregosa  6.5677

time 5:06

gross total score 83



6. Taurean Tomlin  6.0138

time 4:11

gross total score 76

7. Mike George  5.8556

time 4:54

gross total score 74

8. Thad Sweigart  4.9851

time 5:11

gross total score 63

9. Reed Becker  4.8269

time 4:38

gross total score 61

10. Sandrell Ross  3.5608

time 4:44

gross total score 45

11. Steven Padilla  3.3234

time 5:13

gross total score 42

12. Ryan Sanders  2.0573

time 4:42

gross total score 26

13. Stephanie Fisher  1.8199

time 4:35

gross total score 23

14. Russell Smith  0.6330

time 6:25 (-10pt time penalty)

gross total score (18-10) 8

DISQUALIFIED Big Ed Blake (9.9703)

time 7:18 (DQ)

gross total score 126

Our judges for prelim 4 were…

Brien Straw of Sports Radio 610

AJ Hoffman & Michael Carrell of ESPN 97.5

Desiree Hofman, distinguished member of the Houston Twitteratti… @atxhobogrl

Don Learned owner of Laff Spot & Laff Stop

Russell Johnson, media consultant


1. Judd Jones 9.6390

2. Ryder Paramore 9.4046

3. Coleman Cox 9.3249

4. Joe Bates 9.0936

5. Dianne Gallagher 8.9252

6. Justin Thompson 8.6751


7. Zac Brooks  6.6469

8. Gerald Torregosa  6.5677

RIP 1952-A West Gray


2 Responses to “Results of Preliminary Night 4 of the 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person Contest”

  1. Mike George Says:

    Anyone else shocked to see Ryan Thauburn do the shocker? lol!

  2. […] up and it became a standing room only audience.  Each comic gave it there best and waited on the results.  Barrett Goldsmith came in 1st, Mark Hurtado in 2nd and Ryan Thauburn in 3rd.  Zac Brooks and […]

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