Results of Preliminary Night 3 of 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person

For the first time EVER, The Houston’s Funniest Person contest took place at The Comedy Showcase. Prelim 3 was a great show for a fun crowd, in front of some very tough judges.

I’d like to extend a very special thanks to Danny Martinez for welcoming the HFP into his club and for being so supportive of the contestants. It felt really good to see the Showcase full of young Houston comics.

Top 3, automatically advancing to the semi-finals

1. Mickey Housley  11

time 4:58

gross total score 194

2. Kristin Lindner  10.7730

time 4:21

gross total score 190

3. Matthew Broussard  9.8658

time 5:02

gross total score 174

wild card qualifiers

4. Judd Jones  9.6390

time 4:27

gross total score 170

5. Justin Thompson  8.6751

time 4:37

gross total score 153


6. Jimmy Jam  7.3710

time 4:53

gross total score 130

7. Tim Mathis  7.1442

time 4:42

gross total score 126

8. Alex Ravandi  6.5772

time 5:21

gross total score 116

9. Bukky Rojugbokan  6.4071

time 5:02

gross total score 113

10. Miguel Dominguez  5.8401

time 4:59

gross total score 103

11. Rey Rey  5.2731

time 5:15

gross total score 93

12. Thomas Calvert  4.7061

time 4:33

gross total score 83

13. Len Krieger  4.1958

time 4:36

gross total score 74

14. David Lindow  3.7989

time 4:49

gross total score 67

15. Gail Gee  0.0000 (did not show up)

time NONE

gross total score NONE

Our judges tonight were:

Dylan Gwinn, host of The Mighty Gwinn show of Sports Talk 790

Craig Hlavaty, writer at Houston Press & featured presenter on NEWSFIX 39

Houston’s own latino rap superstar in the making, Chingo Bling!

KJ Joseph, producer/reporter for 1560 The Game and Yahoo Sports Radio

Gage Guest, human being & co-host of the Bloody Gun Club podcast

Laura Hiebeler, general manager of The Comedy Showcase

Don Learned, nationally headlining comedian & owner of the Laff Spot & Laff Stop

Thanks to HFP2009 John Gard for doing a great job hosting!

#2012HFP WILDCARD standings after 3 rounds

**1. Judd Jones  9.6390

**2. Ryder Paramore  9.4046

**3. Coleman Cox  9.3249

**4. Joe Bates  9.0936

5. Dianne Gallagher  8.9252

6. Justin Thompson  8.6751

(**clinched WC spot)

The #2012HFP wildcard takes place at 10pm on June 4th at HCU open mic…and it will be a bloodbath.


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  1. […] grew as the night went on.  The contestants went in the order they were drawn.  The results were in.  Mickey Housley, Kristin Lindner, and Matthew Broussard took the top three […]

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