Performance Order for Preliminary 2 of 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person

Tonight is the second night of four preliminary rounds in the Houston’s Funniest Person contest. The HFP returns back to the stage it was created on for the first time in 5 years. The show starts at 9pm, tickets are $5, FREE with military ID and for HFP contestants. HCU at Sherlock’s River Oaks, 1952-A West Gray, Houston TX 77019

The winner of the 2006 HFP, Danny Rios will be the MC.

The drawing happened live this afternoon, to see it, CLICK HERE.

Performance order for Prelim 2 of the #2012HFP

(contestant number in parentheses)

1. Christopher Fred Scott (10)

2. Canice Nnanna (23)

3. Albert DeLeon (60)

4. Matt Han (12)

5. Kevin Farren (1)

6. Bo Toups (2)

7. Coleman Cox (46)

8. Aaron Barrett (38)

9. Owen Dunn (33)

10. Sarah Sara (43)

11. Carl Hunter (13)

12. Scott Shepherd (44)

13. Ryder Paramore (15)

14. Wil Seagrim (7)

15. Slade Ham (61)


One Response to “Performance Order for Preliminary 2 of 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person”

  1. […] and expected there!  And so, the next night of the contest had begun.  Each comic knew the order in which they were to perform that night.  Everyone was giving it their best, trying to avoid the […]

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