Performance Order for Preliminary 1 of the 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person Contest

This is the performance order of prelim 1 of the 2012 HFP. Show starts at 9pm at the House of Blues Crossroads restaurant downstairs, tickets are $5 at the door. All HFP contestants get in free to all HFP shows.

See the drawing here.

(contest number in parentheses)

1. Joe Bates (4)

2. Matt Dong (41)

3. Jumpin’ Joe Barnett (20)

4. G.W. Boles (58)

5. Justin Blandford (53)

6. Ken Boyd (48)

7. Rob Mahan (32)

8. Frank Garcia **in for Jason Hernandez (14)

9. Dianne Gallagher (3)

10. Stephen Cook (37)

11. Michael Marlar (40)

12. Miles Fraser (59)

13. Tre-Beezy (49)

14. Kentoine (28)

15. Andy Harris (35)

Reminder, all prelim 1 contestants must arrive at the House of Blues by 830pm. Parking is difficult, so plan on leaving early.



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