2012 Houston’s Funniest Person contest – SCORING & JUDGING


Judges will score contestants in these categories…

audience response 1-10

humor and talent 1-10

stage presence and professionalism 1-10

originality 1-15

Mandatory 1 point score in each category, no decimals or fractions of points

Right after the contestant finishes his/her set, the judge will write scores and hand cards to a scoring assistant before the next contestant takes the stage.

This ensures that each judge pays full attention to each comic and gives a real assessment of their performance in the moment just after it happened.

Hopefully this reduces the ability for a judge to skew scores to help someone or revise scores of earlier contestants to help a perceived favorite. It is not the judges responsibility to determine order of finish in that matter.

After each judge turns in their scorecard, the highest and lowest scores for each contestant are thrown out. The remaining scores are added together for a gross total score.

This is the number that determines order of finish on a night by night basis. The whole numbers of these will vary from night to night, depending how many judges there are.

To standardize the scoring, the first place finisher’s score from each night will be converted to 11…

Joe Cool Winner gets a 275

2nd place Douggie Deuce gets a 269

3rd place Maggie Mudd gets a 240

Joe Cool Winner’s 275 gets divided into 11, setting a ratio of .04

So now Joe Cool Winner has a net adjusted score of 11

Douggie Deuce gets a 10.76 (269 x .04)

Maggie Mudd gets a 9.60 (240 x .04)

Lets say there were more judges the next semi-final night and scores came out heavier…

Becky Badass wins with a 545

Al Carbon gets a 512

Turd Ferguson Jr. gets a 510

Becky Badass’s 545 gets divided into 11, setting a ratio of .0201

Becky Badass has a net adjusted score of 11

Al Carbon gets a 10.29 (512 x .0201)

Turd Ferguson Jr. gets a 10.25 (510 x .0201)

If there is a tie at first place, both contestants get an 11.


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments here or on the Houston Comedy Union facebook page.


There is no minimum set length to qualify for scoring, The target length for contestants should be 5 minutes. There is a 5 point deduction from the gross total score if the contestant goes over 5:30:00, and another 5 points for every 00:30:00 until 7:00:00. If the contestant goes 7 minutes, they have disqualified themselves from the #2012HFP.

The warning light system will be shown & explained at HFP practice night on Sunday May 20th & HCU open mics before and during the contest.

The order of performance will be drawn randomly at approximately 12 noon on the day of the preliminary. The show order will be distributed to contestants by email, posted on houstoncomedyunion.com and shared on facebook & twitter.


If you are late, you go last…or even worse, FIRST. If show up after posted start time, you are DQ’d. Be early, don’t let this be a problem.

If there are massive extenuating circumstances like a traffic pile-up, please contact us…we aren’t unreasonable. But for the smoothness of the contest, be chronically early!



3 Responses to “2012 Houston’s Funniest Person contest – SCORING & JUDGING”

  1. any way we could do the drawing live during the 30 minutes before the contest round? thats how its been done in the past and this way there would be little or no question about legitimacy of the line-up order.

  2. Melissa Kennedy Says:

    How do I enter. I have tried cibtacting by email with no avail.

  3. My predictions: 1. Turd Ferguson 2. Becky Bad Ass 3. Douggie Duece.


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