The HCU Amateur Power Hour Surges

Last month one of the best open mic venues for aspiring comedians got a whole lot better. The HCU’s Sunday Showcase expanded to include an additional hour comprised solely of Amateur Comedians. The Amateur Hour Of Power is an excellent opportunity for new comics to meet each other, and test out new material.

Hosted by Kevin Farren, sign up begins at 8:45 PM, and the Power Hour runs from 9:30-10:30. Power Hour is then followed by the best of Houston’s Professional Comics, and a Headlining Performer.

So if you’re looking for a opportunity to perform in a receptive environment, or if you’re just a receptive person who enjoys free comedy on a Sunday night, join us at Sherlock’s!

Check out some pictures from a recent Power Hour. (Photos By Brandi Hendrix)

Amateurs Assemble!

Kevin Farren Breaks Down The Rules

Comics And Friends Of Comics

Wes Renick

Did I Mention Cheap Booze?

Jimmy Jam Gets Animated

Don't Be Afraid To Sit Up Front

Aaron Barrett

Power Hour Makes For A Sweet Date Night

Joe Bates

Serious Face

Matthew Broussard

The Crowd Watches On

Forced Perspective At It's Best

Andy Harris

Zac Brooks

No Idea Who This Is

Brian Zeolla

See, Total Date Night Venue

DJ Northway

Plenty Of Table Space

Bo Carrillo Does A Walking Dead Audition

Kirk Loftin

Taurean Tomlin

Wrappin It Up

Stephanie Fisher


One Response to “The HCU Amateur Power Hour Surges”

  1. Been working hard on getting my jokes up to snuff. I’m planning on trying to do a late May night open mic. Doing the podcast more regularly is giving a good bit of material. Definitely a bit nervous about it.

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