1st Ever Houston Comedy Union Super Bowl of New Jokes

The Super Bowl of New Jokes starts 30 minutes after the completion of SB45 at Sherlock’s River Oaks in the Houston Comedy Union showroom. Admission is free, call (713) 521-1881 to reserve tables during the game.

The Super Bowl of New Jokes!

Contestants must use 100% new material written since November 22nd, 2010. Sets must be 4 minutes long and no longer than 7. After 7 minutes is a 1 point deduction on all judges total scores, after 8 minutes is an automatic DQ.

There is a $10 cash buy-in before the show; 1st place gets $200, 2nd place gets $100 and 3rd place gets $50. Judges scores and notes will be posted after the show.

meet the judges...


Here is the line-up…

Chase Durousseau

Ryan Thauburn

Mark Hurtado

Russell Simek

Tim Bateman

Al B.

Steven Padilla

Dick Beeman

Rod Lure

Kristin Lindner

GW Boles

Leo Morgan

Steven Kendrick

Donnie Johnson

Mario Saenz


Performance order will be determined by a drawing right before the show.


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