The HCU Monday Night is the BEST Comedy Open Mic in the USA

Last Monday’s Open Mic had over 175 audience members for 2 & 1/2 hours. I have been blown away, week by week, by how well our HCU comics are doing and improving, and the steady growth of our audience with little-to-no PR or advertising shows how the word-of-mouth about your performances is working.

The way I see it, the rebuilding is complete and now we are moving on to a period of serious growth as a comedy scene to be reckoned with…but we still need your help. Lets really make an effort to pack Sherlock’s on our 3 nights that we book the room, building enough momentum to carry those packed houses through school returning and through the end of the year. So tell your friends, tell strangers, tell everyone you meet…come to a HCU show and have a great time.

Hey HCU’ers…sorry about the lack of upkeep on the HCU website. I promise we will keep it more up-to-date and useful in the future. How can I be so bold with my guarantees? Easy, I have YOUR help. I’m looking for volunteers to write about the Houston Comedy scene, review shows, take pictures and to write unique comedy blogs-right here on OUR site. If you would like to be a HCU site contributor, send an email to

This Sunday Night’s headliner is Keith Manning, show starts at 10:30pm, no cover, $2 drinks…you know what to do.


6 Responses to “The HCU Monday Night is the BEST Comedy Open Mic in the USA”

  1. Tuesdays. 10:00 pm. The Davenport at Richmond @ Shepherd.

    Stage time for any interested comics, and a chance to stretch your legs past a few minutes. Between Sundays and Mondays at Sherlock’s and Tuesdays at Davenport, (and Thursdays at 1820 still?) that’s a HUGE amount of stage time to work on your sets.

    Email me with any questions.


  2. 1820 is dead.

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