HCU Tuesday Night at The Davenport, starts TONIGHT!

Comedy worth dressing up for.

Tonight the HCU goes rogue, leaving the friendly confines of Sherlock’s for the quiet scene of the Davenport. Come see your favorite local and touring comics stretch their legs on stage in a more relaxed, low-key environment.

The show starts at 9 and goes on for awhile…expect an intermission/smoke break around 11pm. No cover tonight but there will be soon. Come early, stay late and laugh hard at the HCU’s newest weekly comedy show inside the loop.

Performers are booked by invitation only, send your avails to slade@sladeham.com

Houston Comedy Union Tuesday Nights at The Davenport

The Davenport Lounge
2117 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77098

(713) 520-1140


3 Responses to “HCU Tuesday Night at The Davenport, starts TONIGHT!”

  1. Don’t ya’ll have more going on in Houston than this? An awesome show this Sunday?

    For a slightly more accurate look at the Houston scene; check out:


  2. Carlo Charles Says:

    Concert Pub would be a great place to try expanding to too, bout as laid back as sherlock’s is..

  3. When and where’s an open mic?

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