2010 Houston’s Funniest Person Contest

Get in it to win it

I got this in an email from Ted Vincent from the Laff Spot today…

The 2010 Houston’s Funniest Person Contest will be held at the Laff Spot Comedy Club Champions;

8905 Louetta Road, Spring, TX 77379.

The contest is open to all comedians living in Houston who have not previously won.

The contest starts April 11, 2010 and runs through June 1, 2010. Show dates are as follows:

April 11, 2010 1st Round

April 18, 2010 1st Round

April 25, 2010 1st Round

May 2, 2010 1st Round

May 16, 2010 1st Round

May 23, 2010 1st Round

May 30, 2010 Semi-Finals

June 1, 2010 Finals

Each comedian will have up to 20 FREE tickets for the 1st round to invite their friends and family to watch them perform. Tickets will be available for purchase in the following rounds. You will be required to bring audience members to watch the show, should you advance to the next rounds. There will be a 2 item minimum inside the show room for each person.

The entry fee is only $25 cash due by March 22, 2010.

Each contestant should be prepared to do 3-10 minutes of material based on number of entries and round.

To enter, call the Laff Spot Comedy Club at 281-655-7777 and speak with Ted Vincent or sign up with him at any open mics. Provide your name, phone number and e-mail address.

I am excited to hear that the contest is back, as a former winner I was especially worried that the tradition was going to die with the Laff Stop. We here at the HCU are going to support the contest whole-heartedly, offering special blocks during our open mic for contestants to practice contest sets under contest rules and a special Sunday Night TBD when we’ll have a HFP practice round with judges and former winners giving notes and advice.

Ted is getting nervous that the deadline is approaching and that there aren’t as many contestants signed up as there have been in the past…so stop f–king around and get in the game! If the $25 entry fee is too brutal for you, let Ted know and maybe they can find some way for you to work it off. (i.e. kissing his penis) I’m kidding…?

NOT representative of the average Champion's Forest audience.

There are a few details about the contest that I’m not a big fan of, and I’m sure some of you have issues too…like the “required to bring audience” part. Personally I think its the club’s responsibility to fill its’ seats, not the amateur comics trying to win a contest. It’s a respected comedy contest with a long tradition where winners are chosen by judges NOT by audience hoots like some South Padre wet t-shirt contest.

But enough of my opinion, what do you think? The people in charge of the contest are listening, let the comment section below be your discussion board.


35 Responses to “2010 Houston’s Funniest Person Contest”

  1. Elizabeth Redmond Says:

    Instead of a March 22nd deadline, perhaps March 31st? Give people a little bit more time to get the money in. i’m headed out of town again later this week & the only opportunity I would have to make it to an open mic before the deadline would be this sunday the 21st…will Ted be up at the Sherlock’s open mic? Or if the 31st is cutting it too close to the start of the contest, maybe move it to the 27th or 28th? just a thought.. Either way I will try to make it.

  2. More time? you mean, in addition to the almost 2 months we’ve been announcing it at open mics? lol The problem is, if you only let people know 11 days ahead of when they are performing, it’s tougher for them to let people know to come out and support them…I do make it to open mics on a regular basis…if you call the club to sign up and need more time we can work something out (with or without my penis being involved.) Regardless of who has and hasn’t paid…there are still very few names on the list. I know there are more than 15 comics that go to Sherlock’s every Monday night. I would want for the winner to say they are the funniest out of 60 or 70 people not I was the funniest of 15-20.

    John, you little bitch…lol…I never said the audience was going to choose the winner…there will be judges…I was merely bouncing different ideas out there in terms of how people would advance…and now that I know our private conversations are going to make it to your blog…I will never speak to you again…hahaha…

    As far as bringing people to the show…I would think that you would want your friends to support you by coming to the show. It’s that delicate balance of supporting the art form and running a business. Providing the venue and the staff does cost money and we need to cover those costs. That’s why any club runs a contest, to generate revenue.

    I love this scene! Thank you for welcoming me in…I’ve had a fun year getting to know everybody and look forward to many more years with you. (Except for Bob Biggerstaff, who broke up with me to go out with Gerald.)

    What else can I tell you about the contest…

  3. Great, will sign up this weekend. I would also like to state for the record. The people running this contest and the establisment in which it will be held, bravo! You guys can do no wrong and are the very best things period!

  4. johncwesslingjr Says:

    Ha! Maybe you shouldn’t announce it during your set after your jokes and before you call the audience cunts. Just putting that out there.

    It does say the word “required” so if that’s not what you mean I would suggest different language.

    As far as audiences are concerned, some of us are comics because we don’t have any friends…cough, Kresse. Besides, if you guys can scare up a crowd for O’Brien & Valdez, you can get a crowd for the HFP! Just include it in the defensive driving class, hold those people over…they’ll never speed again!

    Also a problem with your math, 20 tix per contestant? If three comics use all their allotment the room will be full!

    I kid, I kid, I kid.

  5. hahaha….that audience member was a cunt! And she deserved to be called it…Reverend Bart agrees with me too! lol and you know i’m right because it every other word through out my set…lol…for the record…i’m aware that it sucked because nobody was laughing…they were listening politely, until that cunt yelled out! But that’s what open mics are for…i’m allowed to suck every now and then. I’ve been a little off the past couple of weeks, my performance has probably suffered because of the pressures of trying to run a contest! lol…please use 2 nails for my feet!

    They are required to bring an audience, which was the same way it was last year, so that shouldn’t be a surprise to any one who didn’t leave town only to come back to stir up controversy! lol… also keep in mind that I am the messenger in a lot of this…By the way, there were other people on that O’Brien & Valdez show that weekend that people wanted to come out and see! 😉

    If 3 comics bring 20 people each, they will automatically advance* and will also leave room for more comics to also bring 20 people each. (*advancing in the contest will actually be determined by judges and not by some random postings on this blog!)

    I want to thank junior for providing us this forum to express our feelings about that cunt two weeks ago! lol…

    I love you all!!!!

  6. Let see I give 20 tickets away for the first round. So all 4 of my friends come out to see me. Now who is going to come out to see me the 2nd time for $ ?

  7. I don’t have an answer for that…that’s for you to figure out…

  8. johncwesslingjr Says:

    I’m just saying, this contest used to sell out the Laff Stop and have a waiting list of local celebs wanting to judge it. I’m just saying.

  9. Things were simpler in 1998…but this is a new time and a new era where comedians, in a shitty economy, have to supply most of the audience. I sometimes long for simpler times myself, but I also know that every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. we have the same vision for houston comedy, john wessling…let’s build it together. for if we build it, she will come! also, i’m still not speaking to you.

  10. Dick Beeman Says:

    I agree with @John.@Wessling — The venue holding the event should not require comedians to pay for entry, and then say – “Now bring your own audience, go sell tickets for us.” This is lame.

    If it is a popularity contest fine, but it should be based on your performance that night, not on how many friends you made in high-school, or how many of your cousins you can entice into showing up.

    If the venue hosting can not market the event well enough to fill some seats, or simply does not care to, maybe the event is not worth saving.

  11. Dick Beeman? …I think your sucking the wrong dick! Did you even read the other posts? go write some jokes, sign up for the contest, the judges will decide.

    Paying to enter a comedy contest is not a new concept. Many clubs do it all over the country. Comedians bringing audience to a show is not a new concept. Many clubs do it all over the country.

    I’m sure you’re making these statements out of pure ignorance because you’ve been doing comedy for all of about 3 weeks…but I can assure the effort I’ve put in so far and will continue to put in is because I do care. The Houston comedy scene has been very good to me since I’ve moved here and I saw an opportunity to keep the event going.

    I don’t think you understand how hard it is to market a regular show with top quality headliners like Robert Hawkins or Tom Rhodes who have numerous appearances on Comedy Central. If people aren’t beating down the doors to see those guys, they’re not going to jump at the chance to see you do 6 minutes about your penis, so tell your friend to come out and support you, or don’t YOU care enough about the scene to help contribute to keeping this event alive?

    The contest needs a legitimate stage, (not to take anything away from what John and Ryan have done with Sherlock’s…I love being able to go up there and try out new stuff) but there is a difference between ANY open mic crowd and a regular show crowd. If you were to have this contest any place else than a regular comedy club, you might as well be the funniest person at one’s a meal.

    Think of it as return on investment. You may do well enough, even if you don’t win to get noticed by the club and have them give you a guest spot on a Thursday night, which eventually may lead to an emcee spot for a whole weekend. You would get your $25 back and then some. On top of that, you would actually get to call yourself a comedian.

    That’s the big picture, Dick! So, stop being mad about people not handing you something you haven’t even come close to earning, pay your $25 and bring some people to watch you. Believe me, you’re going to want that support come performance night.

  12. johncwesslingjr Says:

    Ouch, kitty’s got claws. Ted, I think you went a little over the top back there. Sweet purple Jesus, you have some pent up shit inside you pal! In defense of those who DARE criticize you, if you are going to demand a $25 entry fee and REQUIRE audience to advance in the contest, maybe you should be clear about what the prizes are before you WHIP comics into compliance. I’m just saying, do you think this might be the reason why you are having a hard time getting comics to sign up? Also, make the set length parameters and light protocols known now and keep them constant throughout the contest…people need as much time to prepare material as they do to telemarket their friends, provide GPS directions, hotel acommodations and sherpa service to the Lower Tomball area.

  13. Dick Beeman Says:

    My comment was not an opinion based on my well-established comedy career, but as a prospective amateur participant in your competition. Whether or not comedians having to pay, and sell tickets, is a long-standing tradition or not — it is still lame.

    If you disagree, OK, but for you to pms all over this blog and try and belittle me on the internet is weak sauce. If you have something personal you want to say to me, I’m pretty sure you have my phone number.

    PS. Good luck with your competition, asshole.

  14. Henry from Austin Says:

    Austin comics RULE!

  15. johncwesslingjr Says:

    Henry, you are right, Austin comics get the best drugs. Yet your IP address says Houston Improv…curious! Ha!

  16. anonymous person Says:

    houston comedy union dot com. I bet there is a lot of unity here. Let me just scroll down and see…hmmm. No. Not really.

    PS Dick could totally beat up Ted. That yankee interloper wouldn’t stand a chance. Dick should beat up Ted, then write a joke about it and use that joke to win the contest.

    PPS Dick, could I borrow some of your facebook friends for the contest? I know you gots lots of them, and could share a few in my direction. That would be strong sauce. Thanks– Russell

  17. Ah contest season! the perennial comics have been appearing at the open mics again to dust off their contest sets from last year. Who said you had to bring FRIENDS? im going to go the the HEB and Target down the street and passing out my tickets. Since its not going to be judged by audience participation, then why the hell not get in a crowd of random people? or build a website an advertise it like we all know how to do. Im going to agree with JWess that alot of people have no idea what the prizes or rules or really any information about the contest other than its $25 and the dates its occurring. Also i know alot of comics dont live out in the lower Dallas area called Tomball so theyre hesitant. but thats hardly an excuse because we can all carpool! competition isnt that ruthless…is it? maybe i can do a commercial for it. as a past contestant and semi-finalist in last years contest i know how key this contest was for me in my comedy career. i got noticed by the club which led to my first weekend hosting gig which has led to more after that. The contest is fun and makes you write and polish your skeelz to defeat your foes. you may get a rival or even an arch nemisis out of it, then seethe over it for a whole year vowing to defeat this person in the next contest, watching his every open mic set, judging every new joke, cursing every laugh they get. in that case $25 isnt such a bad price to have bragging rights around the comedy scene for a year until that person beats your ass in the contest the next year. if you advance you have license to talk shit to anyone that did not advance. so you want alot of people in the contest! UNLESS YOURE AFRAID!!!!

  18. Here’s who has entered so far:

    1 Nathan Hosey
    2 Bret Lecamus
    3 Ramey O’Brien
    4 Amber Wilkerson
    5 Edward Wiley
    6 Demetria Dixon
    7 Bo Toups
    8 Ryan Thauburn
    9 Ush
    10 Gina Henley
    11 G.W. Boles
    12 Owen Dunn
    13 Gerald Torregosa
    14 Benjamin Taylor
    15 Will Hunter
    16 Dick Beeman
    17 Albert DeLeon
    18 Mario Saenz
    19 Alic Ortega
    20 Jay Bringle
    21 Parrish Nelson
    22 Wight Boi
    23 Ameela Qureshi
    24 Jason Blue
    25 Neel Sarkar
    26 Greg Lottie
    27 Carla Rudichuk
    28 Bardia Mattin

    At this point, there will be no April 11th show due to the low number of participants. The contest will start April 18th, but we do need a significant jump in participation.

    Here are a few more details that people have been asking for. Please keep in mind that is tentative based on the actual number of participants.

    The Prizes: Winner – $1000 plus a possible date at Laff Spot
    2nd place – $500
    3rd place – $250

    Time: I put a range of 3-10 minutes, again, based on the number of participants. Last year, I think it was 6, 8 and then 10 in the finals. We will probably do the same this year.

    New deadline of April 5th to sign up and pay the $25 entry fee. If we don’t have 50 participants by then, we will have to re-evaluate the contest.

    We are asking that you tell your friends to come out and support you and the contest on the night you perform. Audience response is one of the criteria being judged, so it will ultimately help you to have the support in the room.

    It’s a contest that deserves to be continued and I’ll do everything I can to make it happen, but I do need your help in filling the show room. Let me know what other information you need from me.


  19. Ted –

    Just a quick note… jumping down Beeman’s throat is not the way to entice participants. He is beyond a rookie, and is certainly saying a lot that out of ignorance, but you should try to exhibit some understanding. That dickish attitude gets you nowhere really. Not running the contest, and not within the local comedy scene. Had people treated you like that when you first got here, you probably wouldn’t still be around.

    You should also be nicer to Johnny Wes, considering he’s the reason you’re on the 6 minute side and not the 4 minute side on Mondays. That’s honesty. Agree or not, that “cunt” comment was out of line. Had you said it from the stage it would have been fine, but bailing on your set only to yell shit at a customer once you got to the back of the room was completely out of line. Handle it with a mic in your hand, like a comedian.

    As for the contest and telemarketing and having contestants bring people out to the show, I will happily argue against that. I understand exactly how hard it is to run a club and/or a contest. I owned a room for while. I get it. There should be some incentive to enter the contest and bring people, not a mandate. Honey, vinegar… whatever. You should try to be more approachable maybe, and less quick to snap at others.

    That’s not a surface observation by the way. That’s based on a lot of what I hear from others, and also on the fact that you acted like a child over a certain telemarketing call that I had nothing whatsoever to do with. You only get to say “fuck you” to me once.

    And I say all that to say this. I want the contest to work. It has been a Houston staple for far longer than I’ve ever been doing this. Johnny and I are determined to support it and help make it work, but its hard when the parameters and the person running it tend to deter a lot of entries.

    My desire to see a 2010 HFP is borne out of love for the scene, nothing else. Don doesn’t work me, and you have an unnecessary disdain for me – and there are more than a few people that fall in that category – so please understand when people don’t leap out of their seats at the chance to help scratch your and Learned’s backs. I can put all that stuff aside in the name of the Houston comedy scene though. You could have the support of all the players in the game if you want it, from comics to possible celebrity judges to local press supp.ort

    Try a little less caustic attitude, and you might find that the list fills up a lot more quickly.

    Best –

  20. Wow!!! I love not being part of this! If you haven’t won this before and you’re not a full time comic then enter it. If you place, you win money but the main benefit is being seen at the Laff Stop by Don (who owns and books the Spot) or Ted (who let’s Don know who does well on that stage and gives out guest spots). So if none of that interests you then don’t do it. Paying and bringing people is not a problem for an AMATEUR contest. I won this contest 2003. I am funny, I’ve been on tv, listen to me.

  21. CHRIS KERNER Says:

    All this fighting is why I retired from comedy. Also because I am not funny.

  22. This is a message for Ted. Hey Ted my name is Len Krieger I debuted last month at the Improv’s Open Mic and performed last night at the FCIT at the Improv, but got DQ’d for going over my time “rookie mistake” what can I say? Anyways don’t know if you remember me, but you were the MC when I performed and stated you felt “violated” afterwards great joke BTW.

    The reason I am sending this message is because I was wanting to get in on the HFP 2010 and had some question’s for you. Would it be at all possible for you to give me a call (713) 857 7942, shoot me an email ltkrieger@yahoo.com, or vice versa?

    Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully I am not too late to sign up.

  23. Has anyone started talking to the radio morning show hosts yet? I’m thinking about calling the Rod Ryan show on 94.5fm and making myself a hemorroid until they give a shout out or at least a chance to talk about the contest. Good idea or no? Is the club thinking or buying time to advertise it in print or on radio (Screw TV, to expensive!)? Houston Press or Houston Chronicle article spots? *L* Now’s the first time in a while that I actually miss Stevens and Pruit on KLOL. Hell, anyone know someone at Comedy Network? This might make for good TV for them on a low budget – at least the finals.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    You guys have to much time on your hands, all this typing and reading, it’s no joke! Maybe you should spend time passing out flyers?

  25. Posting such a BS comment like that on this forum anonymously is the same as being a jihadist with your face covered. Are you volenteering? Can you make flyers? Ever spent a couple of afternoons placing door hangers? Or are you just a lazy douche that has far more fun being anonymous and therefore irreponsible for your own brain? Playbills are just one advertising option available, and one of the more manhour intensive ones. Most of the comedians listed have day jobs, and no one needs to be passing playbills after dark in this city and suburbs.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sorry, I wasn’t being offensive. Don’t be so sensitive. I thought something more in line with promoting the show would make more sense. I forgot you’re a comedian nothing makes sense to you!

  27. What is a synonym for comedian? Small business owner. I disagree with you, anon, you were trying to be offensive, and honestly you should be ashamed of yourself. I am very new to this forum, and I apologize if I am stepping on toes here, but on the back side comedy is a very serious business. Most comedians want nothing more than to make enough money doing comedy to not just survive, but afford a few niceties without having to work two jobs to make the money. Blank, vacuous, ill conceived, moronic statements (made under the cowardly guise of “Anonymous”) are not welcome, or even called for. In short, please feel free to go extract singular aeronautical intercourse with a mobile symmetrical pastry.

    Now then, since I do have some free time on my hands and my guest list ready – Are there flyers and door hangers to pass out?

  28. geez will you really hurt my feelings back there. totally uncalled for! everybody post your contest date! mine is may 23rd!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I’m May 2nd.

  30. shalimar Says:

    I know its late to sign up, but do you need more comedians? I think I could be interested.

  31. Alright Kiddies, it is ON! This Sunday is my shot at the title, and even tho I am quite certain that I just paid 25.00$ to see the Laffspot from the stage point of view does not mean that I plan to make it easy on the pro’s! That’s right – an amature with a mission, a nobody with a big gun, a prize fighter that’s never seen a prize – that’s me! It won’t be no midnight at a bar/ half asleep/ self confidence shot to hell performance either! Disturbed’s Indestructable is the theme song, so come get some!

    I’m lookin’ for YOU Owen. Bhuwahahahaha!

    Also! don’t forget to stop by the Exit73 Bar Wednesday, May 19th to roast Adam Komar before he heads out to Florida!

    Let’s see… Talked Smack, did some shameless promoting, Yep! My job’s done! Have a great rest of the week and see ya’ll on Sunday!

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