HCU Open Mic Tonight: Rule Change Announcement!

Howdy Houston Comics! Let me start by saying thank you all for doing such an amazing job helping us get comedy back alive and kicking in the neighborhood again. The crowds are getting ridiculously large and we’ve already jumped up to being considered one of the best pure stand-up comedy open mic’s in the country. You should all be proud of what we’ve done together and be very proud to be Houston Comics.

Keep it real...short.

Last week’s show presented a very interesting learning opportunity. It was a large crowd…which looks nice, but they were mercilessly chatty and tough to get laughing. This is the classic embarrassment of riches. Many of you experienced first hand what it must feel like to drive an 18-wheeler down a mountain with no brakes. For the most part you all did well, but honestly some of you took a beating. Don’t be poopy about it, it happens to ALL of us. In shows like that you have to turn it on blast and remember the classic lesson that LESS is MORE.

Les is more.

Which brings us to the new rule change…

As you all know there are a ton of you. We have a packed show from 9:30 until the bar closes down at 2…maybe in the future we will move up the start time but until then…ALL amateur comedians will now get 4 minutes on stage. Only SELECT pros will get 6 minutes. We need to pick up the pace of our show and I believe this will do the trick. If you are upset about getting your time reduced then you should consider this a challenge to destroy in 4 so that we are forced to bump you up to 6.

Honestly, we are having a hard time figuring out where to draw the line on who gets 4 or who gets 6 so for this first week and maybe the next the line is going to be quite high, features or better mostly. If anyone has any questions, please ask them at the drawing.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, this will speed up the show and improve the quality of the whole night for everybody. A bunch of you were reaching for the old 5 minute light anyway, this new format should take the air and dead space out of your act. I’ll share one of my favorite quotes from Christopher McQuarrie, the man who wrote The Usual Suspects, “Everything can happen faster, sooner and with much less said about it.”

P.S. Houston’s Funniest Person contest is coming back and the HCU will be heavily involved. If you want to enter, talk to Ted Vincent at the show tonight or call him up at the Laff Spot for more information. When the contest gets going, we are going to have HFP POWER HOUR at open mic. That’s a sweet spot chunk in the middle of the night for HFP contestants STRICTLY following HFP time rules. PLUS we are going to dedicate one of our Sunday Nights to a HFP practice round with judges who give scores and past winners who will give notes. In the words of Jeff Probst, Is that worth playing for?


4 Responses to “HCU Open Mic Tonight: Rule Change Announcement!”

  1. Melissa Vasquez Says:

    I like the McQuarrie quote. Very “Vonnegut”-esque

  2. I want to do 30 minutes. Is that cool? I have many new fat jokes that can’t be told in 5 minutes

  3. Marc Rogers Says:

    One night at the Laff Stop open mic Scott asked me, “are you a pro or an amateur?” and I said, “well, I don’t know…nobody has really told me the difference? I mean, I’ve been paid, I did a few gigs for comedyzone, I can do 15-20 minutes if I had to” then he replied, “where do you work?” and I said, “David Weekley Homes” so I did 3 minutes that night.

  4. Are you still doing these events?

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