John Wessling, HCU Sunday Night, One Night ALSO…

A lot of you know me as the guy in the back with the list, the light and a vodka & cranberry…but I’m SO much more than that.

Winner of the 1998 Houston’s Funniest Person, semi-finalist in Last Comic Standing season 2, Just For Laughs Festival 2004 & 2005, Comedy Central’s Roast of Jeff Foxworthy & Live at Gotham, from the FOX sitcom Free Ride, Killer B from the Versus Network show FANARCHY and one of only 3 comics to ever perform in 50 shows in 50 states in 50 days in Hellgig America. Now days I can be heard semi-regularly on Houston’s Sports Leader – Sports Radio 610 AM.

There is no cover this Sunday night at Sherlock’s River Oaks. Show begins at 10:30 PM with host Dick Beeman and special guest Keith Manning.


2 Responses to “John Wessling, HCU Sunday Night, One Night ALSO…”

  1. Wow, impressive resume’! You’re right, you are more than the guy who is the open mic night list Nazi…. Kudos…

    BTW, are you sure that that’s not a picture of the late “Sam Kennison”?

  2. johncwesslingjr Says:

    Being the list nazi is a tough gig. It’s spelled Kinison, and no that’s me–sadly.

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