Monday Open Mic at Sherlock’s River Oaks Tonight

Hi friends and comics, John Wessling here. Slade Ham will be running the drawing, list & light tonight…I will be slinging jokes in Pearland.

As many of you know, there has been much mayhem with the show lately. We will be making drastic changes NEXT week, mainly reducing amateurs & posers down to 4 minutes which should shorten the show and reduce the wait. As for TONIGHT, regular rules apply but I strongly suggest NOT GOING OVER 6 MINUTES NO MATTER WHAT!

We’ve been getting feedback from Sherlock’s management and regular customers that they are “getting tired of hearing the same jokes over and over again” and that a lot of “unfunny people seem to go on forever.” We have an audience building that likes to come see the show every week, reward them with fresh jokes mixed in with your older stuff and they will reward your bravery with laughter and appreciation. Consider this a open invitation FOR ALL COMICS to raise their game.

There will be ZERO pre-sign up for tonight’s open mic and for any other Monday in the foreseeable future. It is your responsibility to get there between 8:45 and 9:00 pm to put your name in the bucket OR have a friend put it in there for you and pick your spot. There are WAY too many comics to start accommodating people. Of course there are exceptions for some local or visiting working professional comics…and if that bothers you, please go ask those comics why they have that right and for how many years they’ve paid their dues.

We keep the pros and amateurs mixed up together so that there are no dips in quality of the show for the audience, that’s why whoever is running the room reserves the right to move people up/back/or off entirely. Sorry if that ruffles any feathers but it’s a much more comic-friendly open mic than you’ll find in any of the other major cities. If you don’t like being bumped, consider it a challenge to you to crush on stage so you become one of our go-to comics.

We love you guys, we really do, and we want to see you grow as performers and comedians BUT it is not a lovefest. We have some interesting opportunities and special shows coming up for you guys in the near future, (Houston’s Funniest Person pre-lims, Montreal JFL showcases, Local casting showcases) but you have to earn it.

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions…please bring them up at the drawing tonight or post them as comments on this post.


5 Responses to “Monday Open Mic at Sherlock’s River Oaks Tonight”

  1. Hi John,

    I’m Lydia O’Neil, a comic who also runs a room on Wednesday nights at the Exit73 Bar & Grill in Spring Texas. My show is called DirtySexyComedy and we just started The eXit73 comedychallenge directly following the show each week. I would love to be posted on your site under open mic so that people who can’t get up at The Improv can come on down and get some stage time in Spring! They will get 3 min slots and there is one winner per night. The winner goes on to the final where they could win $250 cash! They should BYOA-Bring their own audience members as the winner each night is by audience vote. The finals will be judged by pro comedians. To sign up, they should email me at: or they can just show up on Wednesday night for the show and come talk to me. The show is every Wednesday from 8-10pm. For more info on me and the show I’ve included a link to an article about the show that just ran in the Spring Observer.

    Thanks so much!

    Lydia O’Neil

    • Hey lyndia I was wondering if you guys still had open mics or did comedy shows at the exit 73 bar and grill bc I noticed the this post was back in march

  2. Gina Camarena Says:

    do yall do stand up open mic nightt here

  3. Hey hey hey…yall got a wish-filled pancake house?

  4. abnehmen mit Hypnose…

    […]Monday Open Mic at Sherlock’s River Oaks Tonight « Houston Comedy Union[…]…

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