Martin Walsh Hypnosis This HCU Sunday Night at Sherlock’s River Oaks

After a sold-out engagement at the Comedy Showcase last weekend, Rock n’ Roll Comedy Hypnotist Martin Walsh has agreed to do a ONE-NIGHT ONLY ENCORE at the HCU Sunday Night at Sherlock’s River Oaks.

Why are your pants on backwards?

We also decided that this show would be our special monthly SERVICE INDUSTRY NIGHT. I accidentally ran a tab last week and I felt like a real douche about it … so I decided to give a little back to those who put up with our shit the most. We’ve invited groups from some of our favorite restaurants and bars for the FREE show and CHEAP DRINKS. Bring your crew out and have a laugh too, just make sure you tip!!

Comedians and the service industry have been interconnected for years, you’ve been gratefully providing us with drinks, food, drugs, sex and couches to sleep on for DECADES!!

(next month’s SIN comedy show is March 28th…Sean Rouse!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Seriously, no ponytails.)

Admission is FREE, seating is general admission (at best), but if you want to reserve a table for a large group, send an email to

Aww man, I misspelled HYPNOTITS.


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