This Week in Houston Comedy

This is an incomplete rundown of the Stand-Up Comedy being performed in Houston this week. If you run a show or know of one not listed here, please send a note to and we will include it…

Of course you already saw the first two nights of hilarity at the Houston Comedy Union at Sherlock’s River Oaks on Sunday and Monday. Be sure to tell your friends and come back for more hilarious debauchery this and every Sunday and Monday Night*

*until they sober up and kick us out!

TONIGHT is OPEN MIC night at the Houston Improv. The show runs from 8 to 10:30 ish and unfortunately the list is already set. If you want to be on that show, send an email to before 9pm on Monday nights. They’ll either call you to let you know you made the list or you can go check their site HERE.

For the rest of the week at the Houston Improv… My old friend, the legendary, ground-breaking HYPNOBRO Leroy Williams headlines on Jan 14th and then Charlie Murphy takes over through Saturday Night. There is a special Sunday night MLK Jr. celebration show with Kristin Lindner, Derrick Keener & hosted by Ninete from 97.9 The Box

At the Laff Spot in Champions Forest… THURSDAY NIGHT OPEN MIC!!!! Doors open at 6, sign-up is from 6 to 7. Pros interested in going up should call ahead and ask to speak to Ted to guarantee a good slot.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday they have a special, very funny headliner, Billy Gardell. Tix are $18 and almost assuredly sold out. If any comics want to see his show, and I suggest that you do, just show up and be nice and Don and the gang will probably let you peek in from the back. I’m not sure who is opening/featuring yet, if they are local or if Billy is bringing someone with him, BUT as I learned last week, sometimes Don waits until last minute to book support acts…so if you get a call from a 281 number you don’t recognize, answer it!

At the Comedy Showcase on Fuqua at I-45 south… Only two nights of comedy this week, Friday and Saturday night, with Showcase favorite Darryl Rhoades.

If you want to perform at Danny’s club, and you SHOULD because it is an awesome stage that can teach you TONS about what comedy is really like around the country, call 281-481-1188 with your avails on Sunday afternoons and they’ll let you know if you made the list by Tuesday or Wednesday.

At 1820 Bar…Rob Mungle’s OPEN MIC on Thursday night!! Interested performers sign up at 9pm and show starts at 9:30. The 1820 Bar is at the corner of Franklin and Hamilton in Downtown Houston.

I KNOW there has to be more comedy in Houston than this! We here at HCU welcome ALL COMICS from ALL CLIQUES and promote shows at ALL VENUES, please let us know where jokes are told and we’ll share it with everyone.


5 Responses to “This Week in Houston Comedy”

  1. Demetria Dixon Says:

    Touchee Jackson and Al Freeman also have spots that offer comics a chance to go up. There’s also Tymes Square. I haven’t been, I’ve only heard about it.

  2. sladeham1 Says:

    Where are Touche’ and Al’s rooms? We can get the info up.

    • Demetria Dixon Says:

      Touchee’s Room is at Zona Latina. Doors open at 7 pm. Show starts at 8 pm. I’ll send a link to the show to your FB page. It has the logo for Zona Latina on it. Address: 4740 Dacoma Houston, Texas 77092.

      Al’s spot is Skyline Jazz & Comedy Suite at the Hilton Americas, downtown. I don’t have a physical address.

  3. Demetria Dixon Says:

    Zona Latina – Show starts at 9 pm

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